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Sunsets are for us, darling,

We are always yearning,

Years have been for earning,

You my love are loving,

To stay away from each other is a daring,

Our physical emotions are wanting,

So devour me tonight,

Let’s sail away to a far place,

Get lost in our shared intimacy,

Embrace like we were a hundred years apart,

Kiss every piece of me,

Make moans and sore lips,

Savor me bit by bit in pleasure,

Sing me a song into my ears,

Let our hearts be intact,

Drown your eyes in mine lovingly,

See, your fingers entwined in mine,

Take me to places that feel like heaven,

For I love our rhythmic lovemaking,

You my sweetheart I desire,

On the break of dawn, I wait,

For no alpha male does what you do,

My man, yes my only man.



With a prophetic eye I near into the future,

I see that I shall perish upon this road,

Driving men that I do not know,

This metallic monster that I now dictate,

This ductile elaborate horse,

Thus I shall die, not that I care,

For any man’s journey,

Not for proprietors gain,

Nor yet for love of my own,

I attempt the forbidden limits,

Love is a bodily infirmity,

Which breaks out the deuce,

Knows how or why.



Catherine Nyomenda

Catherine Nyomenda

Human Resource Manager. A lover, book nerd, fitness guru. “I write from the depths of my heart”