Tell me if I am wrong on this one, that you and I are not fighting akin feelings. That I don't make blood surge in your veins. That the indication of my name doesn't impact you at all.

That my melodious voice doesn't smite you in wondrous ways. Look into my hazel eyes and say the three little words. That you love me, and you need me to stay. Say it relentlessly, with vigor and determination.

I want to witness how stud of a man you are and how far you are willing to go to have me in your cage. I want to create for us a haven, a happy place free from melancholy and distress.

I want to make merry with you and live with moments of us every day of our lives. I want to be the person you wake up to every sunrise, and the one you sleep next to every night.

I want to make your heart race with utter desire and passion. I want you to crave my scent while at work. I want your fingers to intertwine with mine as we stride on cross paths together making all kinds of jokes.

I want to hold you by the neck and look into your eyes before my lips meet yours and savor every taste of them. I want to create a home for you in me that every day you will feel at ease knowing that it is in my arms you belong.

I want to do a lot, but most importantly I want to love you hard and in the most genuine way. I want to prepare your favorite meal and watch you clear your plate. I want us to tuck in bed after a long day at work.

I want to watch you drive off the driveway to work after sharing breakfast with you every morning. I want to be the one calling you at midday just to ask if you had lunch and what to prepare for dinner.

I want to be the one who opens the door when you get home, the one who warmly hugs you and asks how your day was. I want to be the one you call when you need a second opinion about something.

I want to be the one you vacation with every summer break. Do you know what else I want? I want us to share erotic moments and make babies. I honestly want 'US' so bad.



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